Steps for successful install and services

Please go to this link in a new tab and fill out the form below if you haven’t already. Request for Service

Once the form is completed we will have an employee review your address to make sure it is worth further testing.

Be sure to select a package you hope to be able to receive so the installer is aware and can further assist you with your needs. You can review the packages in your area by selecting coverage area in the menu and selecting your location. (Note faster speeds may be available depending on location.)

We will be in contact with you shortly once you have filled out the online form above. We will be calling you from (931) 201-9098 to schedule a site survey and if all goes well with the site survey we will do same day installation.

Once we have verified we can provide reliable internet services we will then have you fill out the service agreement essentially stating we will do our part as the Internet Service Provider as long as you do your part as the customer. At this time an installation fee of $200 will be assessed accepted in the form of cash, check, ACH transfer or Credit/Debit Card

We encourage our customers to use ACH bank Transfer as this is the most convenient payment method. ACH Bank transfer may be required for special promo pricing. To set up ACH transfer our employee will have a form available and you must attach a voided check. We offer alternative methods however for automated payments using a Credit/Debit Card as well.